Planning your high school reunion

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Planning your high school reunion

The end of the school year is a time for celebration, especially for those that are graduating – congratulations to the class of 2014! However, if you graduated in 2009, 2004, 1999, 1994 so on and so forth, you may be planning your high school reunion, or planning on attending one. If you are in fact organizing your own class reunion, you’re probably looking for a little help in doing so. Everything takes practice, and one’s class reunion isn’t something that comes around too often for most people. In this article, we’d like to give you some pointers on what to look for:

What’s your high school reunion theme going to be?

Nostalgic flashbacks are fun, and a great way to reminisce. However, everyone remembers their graduation year a bit differently. Make sure that your theme is broad enough that everyone can relate to, so you can ensure a high level of engagement from all that are attending. For example, a Phish-themed throwback reunion might not be the best idea.

How about decorations for your high school reunion?

Of course, this fits with and is largely dependent on the theme of your reunion. We’ve seen very elegant, formal affairs, to the wild and crazy theme parties where everyone has a great time! Regardless the flavor of your individual reunion, the first and foremost issue to look for in a venue is if it is customizable enough to accommodate the theme of your reunion. The Heights specializes in providing a fully customizable experience so you can set any kind of theme you wish.

Choose a central location for your high school reunion (or, as close to central as you can.)

Life takes us in many directions. However, to accommodate your former classmates who may have moved away from your city or neighborhood, you generally have two options: Hold your reunion close to your alma mater, or choose a place more centrally located. Holding your reunion in your old neighborhood or even in your old school itself is great if you want to explore the nostalgia factor. This scenario is great if you and your old classmates have a strong connection to the area where you grew up. However, if your old stomping grounds are further out from a close by big city, you may want to entertain the option of holding it in a more central location so those who may have to drive from out of town have an easier commute. The Heights in Verona is located in the heart of Dane county, so it’s a short drive from central Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Dubuque and many other communities. And, with ample parking and close by lodging accommodations, your classmates will have an option to stay the night or for the weekend.

What type of food should you serve at your high school reunion?

Along with the theme and the memories, the food is a critical factor about how successful the night will be. No matter the event, everyone will talk about the food. It can make the night! The food you choose should only be limited by your imagination. Of course, we’ve seen it all – from the elegant plated dinners to the more thematic throwback “here’s what we ate in high school” hot pockets and hot dogs! Regardless of your choice in food, make sure you consider your options first – do you want a sit down, plated dinner with servers bringing your food? Or a more informal but accommodating buffet style dinner? Any way that you choose, The Heights’ in house event staff can help you decide the best entrees and dishes to serve to your class reunion.

At The Heights, we pride ourselves on the quality and creativity of the dishes we serve. And, if you already have a venue in mind, consider us for our catering capabilities also, where we bring our award-winning culinary abilities anywhere you are!

No matter which milestone you’re celebrating, The Heights in Verona is the ideal place to hold your class reunion. We focus on giving our customers a fully customizable experience while providing excellence in service and culinary specialties. No matter what the theme is, we can give you an experience to match. The best part about letting The Heights in Verona host your class reunion is the service and experience you’ll receive. We pride ourselves in giving you and your old classmates a top-notch experience by providing quality service. Give one of our even planners a call today to start the conversation!