Tips for your next business luncheon

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Business luncheons are a great way to drive up attendance to your meetings, and to get your topics in front of more people. Adding the extra incentive of a fine meal to your meeting will welcome attendees. However, in the business world today, business luncheons are almost commonplace, so how do you make the right decisions on planning your luncheon to make your business, company or agenda stand out? We’re here to offer a few suggestions to do just that:

Atmosphere is everything.

Consider holding your luncheon offsite to promote a different atmosphere. The fact is, most companies can’t afford to have space that can be easily customized and designed to promote a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. A good venue can easily convert any scenery to one that fits your business, and by creative decorating and place setting, can match the tone of your meeting. The Heights excels at perfecting the atmosphere to reflect the mood and tone of your meeting. Our wide-open meeting and banquet hall can be customized to your exact specifications, and our in-house event planning and support staff will work with you to come up with ideas and put those ideas to work for you.
Tables should be decorated in a manner that it promotes good communication between attendees. For this reason, many meetings forgo decorations on the table. However, it can also add an elegant touch, depending on the nature of the meeting and your business. If you do decide to add a few decoration to the table, here’s a few things to remember: Seat your guests at round tables rather than rectangular tables so they can interact with each other. If you’re making a presentation, make sure no attendees will have their back to the presentation or speaker. And, choose a centerpiece with a low tabletop height. The maximum height should be no more than 12 inches. Make sure you request this when discussing with your florist or our in-house event planner. Another option is to make the centerpieces tall enough so the vase is tall enough so the centerpiece opens up over your guests’ field of vision. This means the vase itself must be at least 22 inches tall. Tall centerpieces are perfect for venues with tall ceilings. Short centerpieces in a room with tall ceilings tend to get lost. This also opens up the possibility of having centerpieces of varying heights, which adds to the creativity and aesthetic design of your room.
The venue should be big enough so that you don’t have to crowd your guests. Leave pens and paper for each attendee at each place setting (also a great way to get branding in the hands of attendees). Being a business luncheon, chances are many attendees will be working, so make sure you leave ample table space in between guests for notepads, laptops, etc.

See the light

Lighting is overlooked but critical to the setup of your business meeting. Having the right lighting can mean the difference between a favorable meeting experience and an annoying one. Remember, if you’re hosting a business meeting, the lighting must be adequate to facilitate work, which means an ample amount. However, what do you do when you have a presentation that requires video, powerpoint or a slideshow to be displayed? Make sure the venue can accommodate either quick changes in lighting or provide for personal lighting. In large venues, certain types of lighting can’t be switched on and off, depending on when the presentation is. A creative solution that I’ve seen is supplying each seat with its own personal lamp.

Decorations for the right touch.

Decorations….oh, where to begin? This can be one of the most challenging, yet most important part of a business meeting. From the simple to the extravagant, this is sometimes the aspect of your meeting that gets noticed first. Generally, for business meetings, you want to favor simple decorations that don’t overshadow the message of the meeting, as mentioned earlier. Look for a venue that can be decorated to the needs of your company. The Heights favors creativity and flexibility, so it’s an easy job to get our banquet hall to follow your vision as to what you want your meeting to look like. If you have banners, wall hangings or any similarly branded materials, there’s a place for that at The Heights. Make sure your brand is featured prominently, along with any meeting-specific materials, in order to visually reinforce your message.


So, you’re inviting 200 people to your meeting, but the parking lot of the venue only holds 50 cars? That’s a recipe for some annoyed attendees from the start. It’s sometimes overlooked when picking out a venue, but it can sully the mood for your attendees before your meeting can even start. Luckily, The Heights also has the answer for that – ample parking to accommodate a large number of attendees – we can accommodate up to 300 guests, and supply parking easily in our Verona-based location.
Event planning staff

Not everyone is an expert at throwing events. Choose a venue that has helpful in-house event and support staff that will work with you to plan and execute your meeting flawlessly. An expert in-house staff knows the layout of the venues, as well as the capabilities that it can provide as well. Creative ideas and helpful suggestions should come standard when you reserve a meeting venue. Also, in this day and age, people expect exceptional service. The Heights supplies a veteran staff of experienced event planning staff, as well as support staff that excel in providing top-notch service to your guests. This service will be remembered by your guests almost as much as your message.

AV materials

We’ve all seen this scenario: everyone is seated, your presentation is about to begin and….there’s no sound. No video. The computer won’t connect to the internet. So on and so forth. If you select a venue that supplies its own audio/visual materials, you can help mitigate the chance of any scenarios where the a/v doesn’t work, which can be embarrassing and inefficient. By supplying all the a/v equipment, The Heights knows how it works, how to use it with your presentation materials, and most importantly, how to make sure it runs smoothly on the day of your event.

There’s a lot to remember, and a lot to look for when setting up a business meeting. At The Heights, we try to make it as easy and as customizable as possible. In upcoming articles, we will discuss more aspects of making events and business meetings look their very best. To book The Heights for your own business meeting, call us today at
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