The Heights is the perfect place for a Quinceanera

By Heights Event Center |

Anytime is the right time for a Quinceanera, but we’re starting to see a lot more of these celebrations inthe spring and early summer. A Quinceanera is a popular rite of passage within the Hispanic community, but as the Hispanic population grows in the Madison area, these celebrations are becoming more and more popular. This is why at The Heights Event center in Verona, we’re making every effort to specialize in Quinceaneras to make your daughter’s special day an experience she won’t forget.

A Quinceanera is a celebration that signifies that a young lady has reached an important milestone in her life – turning fifteen is an important marker as she makes her way to adulthood. A Quinceanera usually (but not always) accompanied by a Catholic mass. A Catholic mass that accompanies a Quinceanera serves to strengthen a young lady’s bond with her faith. However, at its core, a Quinceanera isn’t a religious celebration. Being a celebration of passage into adulthood, a Quinceanera is welcome for all to attend and celebrate.

As you may have heard, 15 Expo recently hosted Madison’s first Quinceanera expo last month. It was a great success, and we look forward to attending it next year. However, if you went, you’d have seen the mind blowing number of options you have when planning a Quinceanera. Don’t be intimidated! The Heights in Verona is here to help. We have in-house event planners to help make the most of our 7,000 square foot facility and our seating for up to 500 guests. Or, have a more relaxed, quiet celebration – it’s up to you! We also provide or suggest all the items and aspects you will need – from tables and chairs and decorations to entertainment, bands and DJs! If you’re looking for a venue to celebrate your daughter’s special day, call us today to speak with one of our event planners.

Together, we’ll make your daughter’s special day one she’ll remember forever!