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A Quinceañera is more than just planning a great banquet, which includes a religious and symbolic cultural right of passage for a young lady, there are numerous details involved in the planning stages. One of the most important steps, after securing the church, is finding a place in which to host the reception party. Because of our wedding expertise, we can cater everything from a complete quinceañera celebration reception to concierge services for your special event.

The possibilities are endless and these special event staff members are professionals at making your dreams a reality.

To further assist you in the initial planning stages for your quinceañera, we have provided you with a checklist of items to consider during this most special time.

One to Two Years In Advance
  • Set the date
  • Contact an event planner at The Heights to book the event site. Also discuss catering, entertainment and other options.
  • Book the priest/minister (if applicable)
  • Determine your budget
  • Choose the theme that matches your daughter’s tastes and interests. Make it as unique as she is!
  • Choose the colors (see below).
  • Book the church – don’t forget to book a rehearsal so you, your court and family can have a walk-through before the big day.
  • Assemble a preliminary guest list. Decide on sponsors – who is paying for what.
  • Book transportation for the quinceañera, her court of honor and family from church to reception.
  • Book photographer and/or videographer (be sure and check with the church on their policy about filming in the church).

Nine Months In Advance
  • Begin Planning Ceremony.
  • Begin Planning Reception.
  • Announce your Quinceañera in the local newspaper.
  • Order invitations.
  • If you are having your dress made, line up a dressmaker.
  • Hire a choreographer or dance instructor to help you with your waltz during the reception.
  • Decide if you want a full or half Court of Honor and choose the members.
  • Decide on rental equipment needed (if applicable) to reception: tent, chairs, tables, linens, dance floor, staging, etc.
  • Secure rental equipment with local rental company.
  • Choose attire of Court of Honor. Choose your Honor Escort.
  • Purchase invitations.
  • Purchase decorations.
  • Purchase party favors.
  • Meet with Priest or Minister to discuss the ceremony and your preferences.

Four Months In Advance
  • Finalize guest lists.
  • Touch bases with The Heights to go over details: photographers, florists, musicians, catering, etc.

Two Months In Advance
  • Address invitations and announcements.
  • Mail them 6-8 weeks prior to event.
  • Make appointments for hair, makeup and nails.
  • If you are not having a dress made, now is the time to purchase your dress. Send invitations.

One Month In Advance
  • Have a formal quinceañera portrait done in quinceañera gown.
  • Purchase gifts for Court of Honor.
  • Select the music for the main waltz with the Escort of Honor at the reception.
  • Hire a choreographer to work with you on practicing this waltz.
  • Have final alterations complete on dress (if necessary)
  • One week before
  • Contact guests who have not responded.
  • Give final count to caterer and review final food, beverage and set up instructions.
  • Give photographer and videographer a list of shots you would like included.
  • Give all musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception.
  • Make a list of all the items you need to take to the church (candles, gifts, rosary, Bible, anything pertinent to the ceremony itself).

The Day Of
  • Be sure you eat something prior to the ceremony. This will be a long day and it may be a while until you get to eat at the reception.
  • Have hair, makeup and nails done.
  • Have someone keep an emergency kit with an extra pair of panty hose, clear nail polish (for runs), band-aids, makeup, and a mini sewing kit.
  • Take payments for vendors and bring extra cash for tipping as necessary.
  • Get your checklist of items needed for the ceremony and reception and make sure you have everything before you leave.
  • Relax and have fun!

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